October & November Schedule is Posted

Students must be at least 15 years old

$50 discount per student if they signup with a friend or sibling

(they must choose the same drives). 

Masks are required (info)

Teen Driving Course

  • Students get at least 15 hours of one-on-one instruction.  No rushed group drives.

  • 7+ Hours of the best driver training in Idaho (most schools only offer 6 hours)

  • 7+ Hours of free real-world defensive driving instruction

  • 30 Miles of Freeway Training

  • 150+ Miles of Total Driving

  • Finish driving and the online class in 2-3 weeks

  • Easy Online Course Included

  • Complimentary "New Driver"  car magnet

  • Parents can ride along on all the drives

  • 2 Hours of free additional training if needed



Course Information

Enhanced Teen Driving Course

  • 11+ Hours of Driving - The best deal in Idaho

  • Additional 30 miles of freeway training for a total of 60+ miles of freeway driving

  • 250+ Miles of total driving

  • More downtown driving including parallel parking

  • 1 hour of GPS driving

  • 7+ hours of free defensive driving instruction

  • Students get over 18 hours of one-on-one training

  • Easy Online Course Included

  • Complimentary "New Driver" car magnet

  • 2 Hours of free additional training if needed


Course Information

Other Driving Courses

Teen & Adult Practice Drives 

$100 for 2 hours

Advanced Freeway Drive

$160 for 3 hours

Simulated DMV Driving Test


Parking Lot Practice

           Learn basic steering, acceleration,  and braking techniques to better  prepare you for driver education or practice driving.  We have a very precise,

systematic way of learning how to control a vehicle.

$60 for 2 hours

More Information