Teen Driving Course

  • 7 Hours of Driving (most schools only offer 6 hours)

  • 3+ Hours of Free Defensive Driving Instruction 

  • Easy Online Course Included

  • Complimentary "New Driver"  car magnet




Course Information

Enhanced Teen Driving Course

  • 11+ Hours of Driving

  • More Freeway Training and Other Challenges

  • 4+ Hours of Free Defensive Driving Instruction

  • Easy Online Course Included

  • Complimentary "New Driver" car magnet


Course Information

Other Driving Courses

Teen & Adult Practice Drives 

$100 for 2 hours

Advanced Freeway Drive

$160 for 3 hours

Simulated DMV Driving Test


Pre-Driver Education

Parking Lot Practice

           Ensure you pass driver                               education - even if you

             choose another driving


$60 for 2 hours

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Ultra Safe Advanced Driver Training

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