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This website is for adults who have a permit or license and wish to have quality driver training.  If you are 17 or under

and either have a permit or don't have a permit, please click here to go to our other website. 


We only schedule 1 or 3 drives for new students. 

After 3 drives you may have the option to continue your training.

Group or Individual Observation Drives

Great for recent immigrants to the United States.  Highly recommended for

individuals who have recently moved here, have no driving experience,

and have not been in a vehicle very often. 

Explanation:  Many people from other countries do not do well when practicing

driving.  We have taught students from India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Afganistan, China,

and many other countries.  Usually at least 50% of them do not do well.  This is because

every country has it's own driving culture.  Just like ethnic cultures, driving cultures

have their own laws, languages, and customs.  Learning the driving laws and getting your

driving permit is a small part of learning to drive in America.  An observation drive consists of

observing a driving instructor for 60 minutes.  It is far better to observe a driving instructor

than a typical driver.  We will explain in detail what we are doing, why other drivers are doing

what they are doing, discuss driving laws, and answer any questions you have.  You will

also get a good tour of Boise and get to know the roads.

Most students really appreciate observing the driving instructor. 

It is $60 per hour for individuals or a group.  So if you can get 2 other people to observe

- it will be $20 each.  Please text us at 208-880-3311 if you are interested.


(other drive options listed below)

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Masks are required why?

Refresh this website each time you visit it.

Driving Courses

Adult Practice Drives 

$115 for 2.5 hours (1 drive)

3 Drive Starter Course

$250 (each drive is 2-2.5 hrs)

 4 Drive Continued Course

This might be available only

after you have done 3 drives.

Click More Information below.

$300 (each drive is 2 hrs).

7 Drive Continued Course

This might be available only

after you have done at least

3 drives. 

Click More Information below.

$475 (each drive is 2 hrs).

Freeway Driving

$160 for 3 hours

Evaluation Drive

$60 for 1 hour

This is not an official DMV or ITD test but an evaluation

if you are safe to drive based on the opinion of a

licensed driving instructor.




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