The information below is an overview of how driver education works in Idaho if you are at least 17.  However, please keep in mind with Ultra Safe 17 and 18 year olds are required to take our 7-Drive driving portion.  This is the same course 14.5 - 16 year olds must take.  You are not required to take the online classroom course.  18 year olds can only drive solo, with another 18+ year old, or with a family member.  Please let us know if you are 17 or 18 years old.  

17 and over students are not required to take driver training.  When you are 17 you can go to the DMV and take their written test.  If you pass, you can get an Instruction Permit.  The Instruction Permit allows the student to practice driving in any vehicle with the supervision by a licensed adult driver.  This includes a driver training vehicle with a licensed instructor.  This is the best option if you want practice driving but do not want to take the online classroom course.   

If you are 17 or over and wish to take the entire driver training program (including the online course) you may go through the same DMV process as the 14.5 year olds.  In this process you will not take the DMV written test and will be issued a Supervised Instruction Permit.  This permit allows you to only practice in a driver training vehicle.  The permit is mailed to the driver training school (the Instruction Permit as noted above is given to you at the DMV).  The driving school can only give students the permit, no matter what age they are, when both the online classroom and driving portions are passed and completed.  What this means is if you pass and complete the driving portion but do not wish to finish the online classroom portion - you will not receive the permit.  If this happens you will go through the process outline in the first paragraph. 

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