EZ scheduling is for parents who wish for Ultra Safe to create a schedule for them.  Some parents have asked us to make a schedule for them and they will "make it work".  This is how most driving schools schedule - you give them your preferences and they make a schedule.  The problem with this is there is more chance of rescheduling (more cost to you).  We prefer parents choosing the drives themselves rather than letting us create a schedule for them.    


EZ Scheduling is easier scheduling for you, however,  EZ will cost more.  The costs and refunds for EZ Scheduling is similar to how most driving schools operate. 

Here is a list of increased costs with EZ scheduling...

     Basic Teen Driving Courses...+$25

     Enhanced Teen Driving Course...+$50

     Regular Scheduling....                                                                EZ Scheduling...

     Additional Drive $40                                                                 $60

     Rescheduling a Drive - $40                                                      $60

     Missed Drive - $40                                                                    $60

     Rescheduling - $40                                                                   $60

     Full Course Refund - Varies based on situation                      No Refund

*Also important: Keep in mind that missing a drive for any reason might result in an additional drive being required in order for your student to retain efficient driving skills.  Basically the more time between drives the more it hurts your student's skills - which could mean an additional drive being needed for $60.


Steps to Signing up with EZ...

1.  Text us day and time preferences.  Examples - "Monday-Thur after 6" or "Weekdays before 5".  The more specific you are = the better.

2.  We will tell you if your day and time preferences will work based upon what is optimal for student's learning.  There cannot be more than 5 full days between drives or your student will likely have to do an additional drive ($60 with EZ Scheduling) 

3.  We will send a Paypal Invoice if your preferences will work.  By paying the invoice you agree to all Terms & Conditions on the policy form.

4.  After it paid we will create a driving schedule. 

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