Common Questions

Do you wear a mask?

In order for the students to hear our directions clearly we wear face shields with built-in cloth mask material to reduce exhaled air particles.  Students are required to wear masks but can take them off to breath or talk.   We spray the vehicles with lysol before each drive and hand sanitizer is easily available to students in the front and back seats.

Do you teach teenagers?

Yes.  Ultra Safe is the best way for your student to earn their driving permit.  It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for students to get their permit.  Some schools get the driving portion done faster but at lower quality - usually doing only 3 or 4 drives.  This is unsafe and is too much driving information to be absorbed by the studentSome schools also have a physical classroom which means the classroom portion of the course is finished early but the driving portion could take more than 4 weeks.

Do you teach adults?

Yes.  Adults must have a permit to drive.  You receive a permit to drive after you have passed the DMV Knowledge (written) test.


What if my teen is 17?  They don't have to take driver training right?

Correct.  They do not have to take driver training (but they should).  If you are at least 17 or older you can take the DMV written test at the DMV to receive your Instruction Permit.  This permit is different from the Supervised Instruction Permit students under 17 receive when looking to take driver training.  The Instruction Permit allows students to practice in any vehicle with a licensed driver at least 18 years old.  The Supervised Instruction Permit means they can only practice in a certified driver training vehicle with a licensed instructor.  Anybody can get a Supervised Instruction Permit but it means they will only receive their permit when both the online classroom and driving portion of the driver training program is complete - age doesn't matter.  This means if you are 17 (or older) and you apply for a Supervised Instruction Permit and you do not finish either the online classroom or the driving portion - you will not receive the permit and you cannot drive with anybody.  It is best if you are 17 or older to study, take the DMV written test, and receive your Instruction Permit for driver training.  This way if you wish to opt out of the training or don't wish to finish the online classroom you will still have the permit in your possession.

  If this is still confusing please click on this link 17 & 18 Year Old Info.

What if my teen is 18+?  What course or program do we choose?​

18 and over student cannot be in the driver training car 17 and under students.  18 year olds must take the same course but will be scheduled differently (not using the Bookwhen scheduling link).  Please click this link for more info.

What are the drive locations and time lengths?

Please click on Scheduling & Sign-up above.


Can you pick-up and drop-off at home residences?

Sometimes students can drop themselves off at home for free.  It depends on where they live.  For home pick-up or drop-off the extra charge can be anywhere from free to $25 per drive.

How long will it take?

*2 to 3 weeks once the drives begin.  Idaho law requires you complete 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of in-car observation to complete the "driving" portion of the course.  The observation requirement will be met in the driver training vehicle or in a parents vehicle.  

*The entire process depends on how soon you go to the DMV, how long it takes to finish the online course, when we have a parent meeting, and the student's schedule.  If you go to the DMV and finish the online course with-in 7-10 days, the entire process could take as little as a 2 weeks.


What if I have to reschedule or I miss a drive?  What is the drive or course reschedule/refund policy?

Please text or email us for the latest Policy Form. 

How many total drives?

​7 total drives in our basic program.  Our other programs such as the Beginner or Enhanced programs have extra drives.

How do we get observation time if my student drives solo?

Students are allowed to get observation time with their parents.  After you sign up you will be give a 6 Hour Observation log sheet.  It is designed to increase the scanning ability.  The student will be actively looking for potential problems and writing them down.  The 6 Hour Observation log sheet will be turned in by the last drive. 

How long are the drives?

1 hr & 45 minutes - 2 hours.  3 hours if they have a partner.  Some drives might be 3.25 - 3.5 hours based on the students drive routes.  For example if the first student is doing drive #4 and the second student is doing drive #5 - this drive will be at least 3.25 (3 hrs 15 min) hours long because the routes are on opposite sides of Boise.   You should plan on your student having a partner.  Please keep in mind the goal is to partner-up your student to get the most out of the driver training course. 

Why do we go to the DMV and what do we take?

You go to the DMV to purchase the permit required to take driver education.  The permit will be mailed to the driving school you tell them.  Students can still train using the DMV Permit Receipt if the actual permit is still being processed.  For a list of items you'll need to take to the DMV please go to the DMV Page.


Online Course Questions


What if my teen has just started or completed another online class such as IDLA,, AAA, or Teachsafe?

If they have just started it you will receive a $25 discount on whichever Ultra Safe driving course you choose.  Your student must finish whatever online course they started in order receive their permit. 

If they have completed another online course you will receive a $25 discount on whichever Ultra Safe driving course you choose.

You can always stop whichever online course you are using and use IODE (no discount given).  Many online courses will issue a refund.

Do we have to use IODE?

No.  You can use another state-approved course but it is not recommended.

How do we pay for IODE?

IODE is included in the price.  After paying for the driving course you will receive an email invite within 48 hours to register and begin IODE.

What if my teen has already completed the online class? [In Idaho or another state]

If you finished an Idaho approved online course, everything is the same except the price is $25 less for the course you choose.

If you finish an online course in another state, you will need to complete an Idaho approved online course.

​​When and where are classes held?

  "Classroom" classes are online through Idaho Online Driver Education (IODE).  After paying for the drives we will send IODE a notification of you signing up.  Then they will send you an email invite to join the course.  The driving starts at various locations listed on the Scheduling Calendar page.

Can we finish the online course and then sign up for training?

Yes.  The online course is not connected in any way to the driving portion.  It is best for the online to be completed, or almost completed as close as possible to the drives but it is not required. ​

At what point in students online training can they begin in-car lessons?

The online course is not connected in any way to the driving portion.  Students will drive their scheduled drives no matter what.  Please keep in mind students cannot get their permit and start the 6 month supervised driving period until they have passed both the online course and driving course. 

Important:  If a student completes and passes all the scheduled drives, they still might have to do an additional evaluation drive if too much time goes by between the date they completed the online and the date of the last drive.  The policy is a minimum 7 days but can be adjusted based on the skill level of the student.  So for example, if your student received an 80% (minimum for passing) on the last drive but more than 7 days go by before they finish the online course - they must do an extra evaluation drive to make sure they have retained their driving skills.  If your student received a 90% on the last drive they could be given an extra 10 days to finish the online without the need for an evaluation drive.  The minimum extra time given is 7 days according to the policy. 

How long does it take to finish the online course?

The record so far is 3 days to finish the IODE online course.  This is not advised.  It is ideal for students to work on it for 30-90 minutes per day so that they complete it by the 5th or 6th drive.  Most students finish it in 20-25 hours.


Miscellaneous Questions


What is the Enhanced Course?

The Enhanced Course is 11 hours of driver training.  With 4 additional hours students will drive in more environments, have more time to fine-tune their skill before driving with parents, and have more opportunity to make defensive driving a habit.  We will also be able to discuss more driving laws and other important information.  Also the 4 hours will be applied to the 50 hour requirement for the Graduated Driver License Program (supervised driving period).  This is the best deal in all driver education.  11 hours of advanced driver training for $415.

  • Hill/Mountain Driving (Cartwright Road, Dry Creek Road, Hwy 55)

  • Additional Highway Driving w/ merging(To Simco Rd).  Cruise Control is also taught.

  • Drive-Thru coffee shop of students choice (they need to bring money and let the instructor know in advance, we'll start driving a 5 minutes earlier)

  • These additional routes might let us pass other cars on 2 lane roads such as Hwy 55.  Passing is rarely ever taught in driver education because most routes don't give the opportunity.

  • Parallel Parking & Backing-up Parking

  • Actual real world driving in an unmarked driver education car.  No matter how hard we strive to make driving as real as possible there still remains the "Driver Training" advertising on the car.  "Driver Training" signs scare usually about 30% of drivers who keep their distance from us - this is not real.  The last drive in the Enhanced Course is in a vehicle that looks like any other vehicle. This gives the student an actual real world driving experience.  There is still a passenger brake and passenger mirrors for safety.  [This is allowed by law because the driving, observation, and classroom requirements will have been met]

  • Allows more practice doing the basics such as speed control, lane changes, turns, and covering the break (very important because you won't have a passenger brake in your own vehicle).  



What is the process after the 6 months supervised driving is complete?

When the 6 months is complete you will go to the DMV to take the written knowledge test.  If you lost the original DMV receipt please have them print another one.  Make sure the $6.50 state skills test fee is paid.  When the test is passed you will call up a "skills tester".  They are listed by region on the DMV website.  For the skills test you will need the DMV receipt and the UltraSafe Certificate of Completion (to show completion date).  

Why should I take drivers education?  Why not wait till I'm 17 and just take the test?

Studies show those who take driver education will get into less accidents and keep insurance costs lower.  Many accidents occur when uneducated drivers simply don't know the rules of the road.  Working in a high school I speak with students about the accidents they get into...I would say 50% are from lack of discipline in following the rules, 30% are from knowing the rules but NOT knowing any defensive drives techniques, and 20% are from simply not knowing the rules of the road.

What car will my student drive?

Our car has a passenger brake and is fully certified satisfying all state requirements including insurance.  We have 2 Toyota Camrys constantly serviced by a top mechanic.  They are very safe and easy to drive.

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