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This website is for adults who have a permit or license and wish to have quality driver training.  If you are 17 or under and either have a permit or don't have a permit,

please click here to go to our other website.



  • Drives are $80 for 2 hours.  Additional 1-hour drives can be purchased for $30/hr but must be consecutive (the drives would be 3, 4, or even 5 hours long if you wish)

  • Drives start in a parking lot focusing on vehicle control (turning, speed, stopping).  We will move on to neighborhoods, light roads, and heavy roads depending on your skill level.   

  • Drives are paid in cash when we meet up. 

  • There is a more detailed policy form you must sign before driving.  Please let us know if you want the policy form early to review.

  • Home pickup is not possible - you must meet at the specific location. 

  • The meeting location is off of Chinden and Cloverdale behind Directv/At&T building. 

  • Contact us via text.  If you reschedule for any reason there is a $40 reschedule fee paid at the next drive. 

  • You must have a permit or license. 

Monday November 21st...Start between 9am and 12p

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