Start the classroom portion of the course in less than 48 hours.

Your student must finish the online classroom portion of the

course before scheduling the driving portion.

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Classroom/Online Class, Driving, and Observation Requirements in Idaho...

In Idaho, students 14 1/2 to 16, are required to complete 30 hours of classroom, 6 hours of driving, and 6 hours of observation.  The 30 hours of classroom can be completed using an online course.  Ultra Safe uses IODE - Idaho Online Driver Education.  You can only sign up for IODE through Ultra Safe - you cannot sign up by going to their website. 


Is IODE accepted at other schools if I choose not to use Ultra Safe?

Most driving schools use or will accept IODE for the classroom portion of their course.  If you are interested in another driving school you might want to ask them if they accept IODE - they should because it is a state approved course. 

Can you take a different online course?

Yes, you can take a different online course, but it must be state approved - except  Ultra Safe does not recognize as an online course. is state approved but it is the worst online class.  

Text us to see if your course is state approved.  If it is, you will not need to

pay the $50 online course fee.

Signing up for the IODE online class... 

                                                                -Click on the link below and fill out the form

                                                               -You will get a PayPal invoice for $50

                                                               -After paying the invoice you will receive an email invitation to register

                                                                and begin the online course