Our Training Courses


For the Driving Courses below - The drives will start at specific locations and you must have a permit.  Let us know if you need to be picked up.  A transportation fee will vary based on where you need to be picked up.  Most Drives start at Steven Henager College or Chuckarama off Overland & Cole Rd.


Teen & Adults 18+ Practice Drives   $100 for 2 hours  

    Please click here for more information.

3 Drive Value Package  $225 for 3 drives (2 hours each)

  Please click here for more information.

7 Drive Adult Course $425

This is the same driving course the teenagers use to get their permit.  You must already have a permit to use this driving course.  If you don't have a permit please read the information on this page:  Adult Practice Scheduling.   If you have a permit please go to the Scheduling Page to see our available drives.  Please text us the 7 drives you want to 208-880-3311.  You can also use the Driving Schedule Preference form. 

Advanced Freeway Driving    $160 for 3 hours (no tax)

  Training is dedicated to freeway and major highways.  Learn advanced merging, exiting, lane changing, and roadway techniques.  You will learn a lot.  Call or text us to find driving times.  Can be one 3 hour drive, two 1.5 hour drives, or three 1 hour drives.

You can find open drive times on our Scheduling Page.