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With all teen courses Ultrasafe's exclusive 3+ hr Hybrid Defensive Driving Course is included.  This course focuses intensely on pro-active accident prevention techniques not taught anywhere.  The course is completed in the drivers training vehicle during the driving portion.  The required online classroom course is through Idaho Online Driver Education.   click here for more info on the Hybrid Class and the Idaho Online Driver Education online class 

Teen Driving Basic Course     $400 (includes required IODE online class)

This is for students at least 14 1/2 who wish to get their supervised permit and eventually their Class D Drivers License.   Although it says basic, our course is above and beyond typical driver training programs.  Students drive a minimum of 7 hours and are introduced to enhanced defensive driving techniques including advanced scanning techniques, risk assessment & prioritization, lane position analysis, driver psychology, road/highway structure and design, problems with certain laws, the factors involved in collisions, secret techniques not taught anywhere, and many other topics.  Students also learn very useful information known only by Class A CDL truckers and motorcyclists.  Click here to why Ultra Safe is the superior driving school


Program Overview


  • There are 7 drives.  

  • Depending on the time of day drives will either start at the students school or the locations listed below. 

  • There are 2 different schedules:  One for students going back to school and one for students who decide to do online school. 

  • There is a required parent meeting usually online using Google Meet or Duo. 

  • The last drive includes a required 60 minute parent observation drive and course wrap-up. 

  • The IODE online course is required.  We will complete the scheduled drives regardless of the students online progress. 

  • The Enhanced Course is even better and a great deal.  Most schools would charge almost $600 for enhanced driving (if they even offered it).  Students get 4 additional hours of even more diverse and challenging routes for $525.  Text us if you are interested.

  • Boise High students are taught parallel parking.


Enhanced Teen Driving    $525  (includes required IODE online class)

The Enhanced Course includes the Teen Basic Course with 4 additional hours (2 drives) where students will drive in more challenging environments, have more time to fine-tune their skill before driving with parents, and have more opportunity to make defensive driving a habit.  We will also be able to discuss more driving laws and other important information.  Students receive their permit after the 6 regular drives, then the student can do the 2 additional enhanced drives whenever their schedule allows which will apply to their 50 hour supervised driving requirement.  This is the best deal in all driver education.

We can do anything you want.  We usually do the following...

  • Additional Highway Driving w/ merging (To Simco Rd).  Cruise Control is also taught.

  • Additional City Driving.

  • These additional routes might let us pass other cars on 2 lane roads such as Hwy 55.  Passing is rarely ever taught in driver education because most routes don't give the opportunity.

  • Parallel Parking & Backing-up Parking

  • Focuses exclusively on building good defensive driving habits.  The regular teen driving program only introduces these concepts.

  • Also allows more practice doing the basics such as speed control, lane changes, turns, and covering the break (very important because you won't have a passenger brake in your own vehicle). 

     After scheduling the 7 regular drives we will schedule the 2 additional enhanced drives.



Pre-Driver Education Parking Lot Practice    $60 for 2 hours

  Most parking lots, despite being private property, are off-limits to parents who wish to practice a little before drivers education.  Also, parents can get into serious trouble if things don't go well practicing in a parking lot.  The Parking Lot Practice course focuses exclusively on vehicle handling including smooth braking, acceleration to 25 mph, 45 to 135 degree turns, and u-turns.  Students are taught push/pull and hand-over-hand steering techniques as well as releasing the steering wheel for a smoother execution ("letting it unwind on it's own").  They will also learn vehicle instruments and controls, the proper way to adjust mirrors, reference points for lane position, and an advanced backing-up technique.  No matter which school you choose your student will start off with confidence and considerable less stress.

Call or text us to find driving times..



17 and 18 Year Old Students

If you are...

17 and want to take our full, regular driving course (before you take the written test)-

     You can choose to take the regular driver training course in which you will follow the same procedures as students under 17.  When you go to the DMV you will tell them Ultra Safe Driving and they will mail us a Supervised Instruction Permit.  A Supervised Instruction Permit allows you to drive only in a driver training car.  No matter what age you are you will only receive your permit after passing the driving and online class portion.  You will be required to take the Idaho Online Driver Education online course.  When the program is complete you can take your driving test at any time afterwards.  The 6 month supervised driving period is not necessary.  After the driving test you will take the envelope with your driving test evaluations to the dmv and then take the written test while you are there.  Cost is $385.


17 and want to get your permit first - and then take some driving lessons-

     You can take the written test at the DMV in which you will receive an Instruction Permit allowing you to practice driving in any car.  Either way you will need to take all the required documents to the DMV.  Once you receive your permit you will not need to take the online course but you will still do all the same drives as students under 17.  Only go to the DMV when you are ready to take the written test (schedule an appoint to take it).   

Cost is $350. 


18 and don't have a permit-

   You must take our basic teen driving course (including online course) but you cannot be in a vehicle with a 17 and under teen.  There are only 6 drives.  Scheduling will not use the Bookwhen link - it will be via texts.  All required documents at the DMV are the same as for 17 and under except for the parent/guardian requirement.  Cost is $350.

18 and have a permit-

   You must take our basic teen driving course (without the online course) but you cannot be in a vehicle with a 17 and under teen.  There are 5 or 6 drives depending on current skill level.  Scheduling will not use the Bookwhen link - it will be via texts.  All required documents at the DMV are the same as for 17 and under except for the parent/guardian requirement.  Cost is $350.

Teen & Adults 19+ Practice Drives   $100 for 2 to 2 1/2 hours  

  This training is for teens who need more training after driver education and adults 19+ just starting out.  19+ year old adults must have a permit.  Permits are given after passing driver education or have passed the the DMV Written Test.  Text us to find driving times.  Please refer to the Idaho Driver Manual for information on adults getting their permits.

​​Advanced Freeway Driving    $160 for 3 hours

  Training is dedicated to freeway and major highways.  Learn advanced merging, exiting, lane changing, and roadway techniques.  You will learn a lot.  Call or text us to find driving times.  Can be one 3 hour drive, two 1.5 hour drives, or three 1 hour drives.

Simulated DMV Driving Test (evaluation drive)     $50

  Save yourself time and money by practicing the driving test before you take it.  Includes 2 practice driving tests and additional training where it is needed.  Even if you think you pass the driving test you will learn advanced techniques to help you stay extra safe.  Total time for this drive is 1.5 hours.  The average DMV driving test is 20 minutes.  Call or text us to find driving times.


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