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Adult Scheduling

Masks are required on everybody in the vehicle.



Overview of the Driver Training Process

​1.  Go to the DMV as soon as possible to get the permit.  You must have a permit in order to drive.  Go to the DMV Page for more information.   

2.  Follow the scheduling steps below.  Use the Schedule Preference Form to let us know the times you can drive.  More information below. 

3The next step is paying for the drives.  We will email a Paypal invoice to be paid with credit, debit, or paypal account.

How to Schedule

​​Step 1.  Write down or note any important events for the next 3-4 weeks on your personal calendar. 


Step 2.  Look carefully at "Important Driving Information".   


Step 3.  Fill out the Driving Schedule Preference Form below.  

Here are some scheduling guidelines...

  Drives start at the specific locations listed below.  Please allocate extra time needed for transportation if you need to be picked up and dropped off at a specific location.

Drive Lengths and Locations 

​​Drive Lengths

Drives are 2 hours.  Sometimes they go longer.  If you enjoy learning, I will gladly teach beyond 2 hours.        


Drive Locations

Drive Location:  At&t/Direct TV call center off Cloverdale and Chinden located in the Boise Research Center or at Chuckarama off Overland and Cole Roads.


Home Pick-up Option... 

Please note you will still drive at the drive locations.  We will drive you to the locations.   There is usually an extra pick-up fee - please give us your address so we can calculate it. 


The pick-up fee is based on the extra driving time to pick you up, take you to the drive location, and take you home.  Some drives might be able to start at your location and sometimes you might be able to drive yourself home.  If you are driving from your residence or back to your residence the extra time will be added to your 2 hour practice time.  For example...if we start driving from your residence and it takes 15 minutes to get to the drive location, and it takes 15 minutes for you to drive yourself home - you will get an extra 30 minutes of driving.  This extra driving is calculated into the pick-up fee.  So part of the pick-up fee is for extra practice time you will get.






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